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PhD supervisor
Master Supervisor
Associate Professor
Zha QiFen
Date:2018-06-13  View:
Title: Professor
Address:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013, P. R. China
【Research Field & Interest】
1.Industrial Statistic
2.Statistical Research of Financial Investment
【Educational Background】
09/1981~07/1985: Study at the University of Science & Technology(The predecessor of Jiangsu University)
【Teaching Courses】
2.Multiple Statistical Analysis
3.input-output analysis
4.Economic Forecast and Analysis
1.“The Study of the Relationship between Regional Economic Growth and Financial Development in China” in Jiangsu Commercial Forum,(5), 2008.
2.“Comprehensive Assessment of Competitiveness of China’s modern Service Industry” in Jiangsu Commercial Forum, (10), 2008.
3.“Empirical Analysis on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Our County” in Jiangsu Commercial Forum, (11), 2008.
4.“The Regional Difference between Financial Development and Economic Growth in China” in Commercial Research, (4), 2009.
5.“The Application of Exponential Regression and ARMA Model in Annual per Capita Electricity Consumption of Households Forecast” in Application of Statistics and Management,(6),2009
6.“A Positive Study on the Relationship between Upgrading of the Industrial Structure and Financial Development” in Commercial Research, (7), 2009
7.“Equilibrium model of trip modes in road traffic and orientation of charge policy” in American Society of Civil Engineers, (8), 2009.
8.“The Application of the Combination Weighting Approach of Subjective and Objective to the evaluation of Conversion of Science and Technology Achievements” in Statistics and decision,(16),2009
9.“The Research of the Influence of Information Resources on China’s Economic Growth” in China Management Informationization, (17), 2009.
10.“Factor analysis of Scientific and Technological Activities in Various Regions of China” in Statistics and Decision , (23),2009
11.“Leading industry Selection of Modern Service Industry in Our Country” in Science and Practice of Statistic, (3), 2010.
【Research Project】
Be in Charge of the project “Leading industry Selection and Development of Modern Service Industry in Our Country”funded by Education Ministry(Project Number: 07JA910003)
【Honors and Awards】
1.Second Award of Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu University, 2002.
2.First Award of Machinery Industry Federation of Jiangsu Province,2009
3.First Award of Excellent Achievements of Philosophy Social Science of Zhenjiang City,2009
4.Second Award of Excellent Statistic Paper of China, 2009.
【Academic Activities】
1.Presentation of the Paper “Conform a Sector Preferences Mechanism When Modern Service Industry Established” at International Conference on Applied Statistics,2009
2.Presentation of the Paper “Research on Grain yield forecasting based on Grey Model” at international academic meeting of Management Engineering and Information Technology,2009  

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