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PhD supervisor
Master Supervisor
Associate Professor
Wang ZhengMing
Date:2018-06-13  View:
Title: Professor, Master Supervisor
Address:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, P. R. China
Phone:+86 511 88791726;+86 13861390762
【Research Field & Interest】
1.International resources trade
2.New energy and low-carbon industrial development
3.International carbon transaction and carbon finance
【Educational Background】
1.09/1982~07/1986: Study of Agricultural Economy & Management at the Nanjing Agricultural University.
2.09/2002-6/2009: Doctoral Study of Management Science & Engineering at Jiangsu University.
Academic Degree: Ph. D of Management Science and Engineer.
【Teaching courses】
2.International Finance Theory and Practice
3.International Settlement
4.Foreign Trade Merchandising
1.“Evolution and Development of Chinese Wind Energy” published by Jiangsu University Press, 2010
2.“Evolution Analysis of Wind Power Industry in China Based on Logistic Model” in The 2nd International Conference on Energy and Environment Technology (ICEET2010),(1), 2011
3.“Empirical Research on Relationship between Human Capital and China’s Service Trade based on VAR Model” in Commercial Times, (34), 2010
4.“Techno-economic Analysis on Cost Structure and Operation Value of the Wind Power Project” in scientific management research, (2), 2009
5.Competitive Analysis of China’s outsourcing industry of services based on diamond model in Jiangsu Commercial Forum,(1), 2009
6.“Inter-dynamic Development between Regional Industries and Path Choice” in Market Modernization, (6), 2009
7.“The study on formation mechanism of Feed-in Tariff of China’s Wind Power” inPrice : Theory & Practice, (8), 2008
8.“The economic analysis on the investment and operation of the wind power project” in Renewable Energy Resources, (6), 2008
9.“Impact and Reply in Enterprises under Huge Foreign-exchange Reserves” inMacroeconomic Observer, (1), 2008
10.“Strategic Analysis and Political Orientation of Wind Energy Development in Jiangsu” inScience and Technology Management Research”, (2), 2008
11.“Study on Assessment Index System of sustainable Development Economic & Technological Development Zone” in Science & Technology Progress and Policy, (3), 2007
12.“Natural Monopoly Industry and Its Boundary in Modern Economic Environment” in Technology Economy, (9), 2006
13.“The Rational Boundary of Government Intervention in Micro Economy and its Reconstruction” in Journal of Jiangsu University (Social Science Edition), (2), 2005
【Research Project】
1.Be in charge of the project “Economic Effect and Causes of Carbon Emissions Reduction: the Improvement and Application of Input-output Statistic” funded by National Bureau of Statistics
2.Be in charge of the project “Study on Establishment of Joint Development Mechanism of Regional Economy in Jiangsu” funded by Jiangsu Education Office
3.Participate in the college scientific research project “Analysis and Evaluation on Code of Conduct and its effect in Public Sectors” (Project number: 02SJD630014)
4.Participate in the project“Study on strategy of Expediting financial reform and development of Jiangsu” funded by Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu (2008)
5.Participate in the project “Research on the Level of Jiangsu Agricultural Modernization” funded by Jiangsu Statistics Bureau
6.Be in charge of the Jiangsu soft science project “Market prospect of Wind Power Industry and countermeasures”
7.Be in charge of the project “The Development and Problems of New Energy Industry of Jiangsu”
【Honors and Awards】
1.Third Award of Statistical Science Research Achievement of Jiangsu Province (2008)
2.Second Award of Scientific Paper of Zhenjiang, 2009

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