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PhD supervisor
Master Supervisor
Associate Professor
PhD supervisor
Zhang Jijian
Date:2022-05-26  View:

Title: Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice president of Jiangsu University

Address:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China



【Research Field & Interest】

1. Green economy and environmental resources accounting 

2. Regional economy and innovative development

3.Investment and financing decision and performance evaluation of the company

【Teaching courses】

1. Accounting

2. Analysis of national economy


1. Zhang Jijian, Yu Lianchao, Bi Xi, pan Jun. media supervision, environmental regulation and enterprise green investment [J]. Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, 2016, 5:91 ~ 103

2. Zhang Jijian, Su Hui. Carbon locking driving factors and their action mechanism: Research Based on improved PSR model [J]. Accounting and economic research, 2016, 1:120 ~ 128

3. Zhang Jijian, Su Hui, Wang Pei. Research on the relationship between product market competition, institutional investor shareholding and enterprise R & D Investment [J]. Management review, employed in 2016

4. Zhang Jijian, Bi Xi. Manager Imitation Behavior of environmental information disclosure: competitive vs defensive [J]. East China economic management, 2015, 11:129 ~ 136

5. Bi Xi, Gu limeng, Zhang Jijian. Traditional culture, environmental system and enterprise environmental information disclosure [J]. Accounting research, 2015, 3:12 ~ 19

6. Sun Huaping, Zhang Jijian, sun Licheng. Evaluation and Enlightenment of carbon locking embedding mechanism and industrial low-carbon transformation [J]. Industrial economic review, 2016, 6:116 ~ 124

7. Zhang Jijian, Miao Qing. Research on market value management of Chinese Listed Companies [J]. Accounting research, 2010, 4:82 ~ 88

8. Zhang Jijian, Zhang Xiang. Research on the incentive effect of tax policy on R & D investment of high-tech enterprises -- Based on a questionnaire survey of 95 high-tech enterprises [J]. Jianghai journal, 2010, 4:229 ~ 233

【Research Project】

1.General project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: "Research on dynamic mechanism and guidance strategy of low-carbon transformation of high-carbon industry from the perspective of dual unlocking of technology system" (71673117), presided over

2.Key project of "excellent project of social science application research" in Jiangsu Province: Research on carbon locking effect and unlocking strategy of high carbon industry in Jiangsu Province (16sya-014), presided over

3.Jiangsu soft science research plan project: Research on the path of the combination of public capital and private capital in the cultivation of emerging industries in Jiangsu Province (br2012026), presided over

4.Jiangsu philosophy and Social Science Foundation Project: Research on the reform of provincial and municipal state-owned assets management system (w2-006), presided over

5.Jiangsu soft science research program: case analysis of Jiangsu county economic development (br2003009), presided over

6.Jiangsu soft science research plan project: Research on financing mode of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Jiangsu (br2001027), presided over

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