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PhD supervisor
Master Supervisor
Associate Professor
PhD supervisor
Chen HaiBo
Date:2018-06-13  View:

Title:  Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Address:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, P. R. China
Phone:+86 511 88783556
【Research Field & Interest】
1.International Trade and International Investment
2.Industrial Economy and Regional Economy
3.R&D Activities and Economic Development
【Educational Background】
1.09/1994~07/1998: Study of Industrial Foreign Trade at the University of Science & Technology(The predecessor of Jiangsu University)
2.09/2001~07/2004: graduate study of Statistics at Jiangsu University
Academic Degree: Master of Economy
3.09/2007-12/2010: Doctoral Study of Analysis and management of Economic System at Jiangsu University
Academic Degree: Ph. D of Analysis and management of Economic System
【Teaching Courses】
3.International Marketing
4.Futures Investment
5.Industrial Economy
1.Study of R&D Statistic Theory, Method and Application in China published by Beijing Normal University Press in Beijing, 2011.
2.“Study on Systemic Dynamic Simulation of China’s R&D Input and Economic Growth” in Statistics and Decision, (10),2011,100-102
3.“Positive Analysis on Enterprise Performance of Listed Companies in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry” inInternational Applied Statistics Symposium of 2009 published by Aussino Academic Publishing House, (07)2009, 221-225
4.“Study on China’s R&D Input Law and Strategic Thinking Based on Logistic Curve” in Science and Technology Management Research,(09),2010,25-27
5.“A Comparative Analysis of Provincial Industrial Enterprises R&D in China” in China soft science,(1),2008,88-95
6.“Study on Number of Regional Tourists and Tourism Economy Growth of Jiangsu based on Panel-Data” in Industrial Technology Economy,(7),2006, 127-129
7.“SWOT Analysis and Strategic Thinking of Improving Regional Innovation Capacity in Jiangsu” in Industrial Technology Economy, (2),2006, 27-28
8.“SWOT Analysis and Countermeasures of R&D Activity in Jiangsu” inJiangsu Commercial Forum,(3),2006,14-16
9.“Application of Panel-Data in the Study of Consumer Behavior for Urban Inhabitants in Jiangsu ” in Statistics and Decision, (6),2005,114-115
【Research Project】
1.Be in charge of national social science fund project “Empirical Research on the Change of Pattern of Chinese Economic Development subject to Dual Constraints of Resources and Environment”(2011,Project Number: 11CJL052)
2.Be in charge of humanities and social science research project “Chinese Residents Cultural Consumption: Analysis on Theory, Demonstration and Policy” funded by National Ministry of Education(2010,Project Number: 10YJC790018)
3.Be in charge of major project“The Study on Construction of Innovation-oriented Province for Jiangsu: Strategy, Pattern, and Approach” funded by Jiangsu Education Office(2010,Project Number: 2010ZDAXM005)
4.Be in charge of project “Empirical Research on the Change of Pattern of Economic Development for Jiangsu subject to Dual Constraints of Resources and Environment” funded by Jiangsu Education Office(2010,Project Number: 2010SJB790006)
5.Participate in the national social science fund project“Statistical and Empirical Research on Foreign Capital Utilization and Chinese Economic Development” (2005)
6.Participate in the national social science fund project“Study of R&D Statistic Theory, Method and Application in China” (2005)
7.Participate in Jiangsu philosophy social science project“Research on the Change of Economic Development Pattern for Jiangsu” (2008)
8.Be in charge of project“On Systemic Dynamic Simulation and pattern of county economy development in Yangtze River Delta”  funded by National Bureau of Statistics(2007)
9.Participate in Jiangsu soft science project“Study on Influence of Transnational Cooperation on Technology Innovation of Jiangsu and countermeasures”(2004)
10.Participate in Jiangsu soft science project“Study on Feasibility Analysis and Countermeasures of Reformation of Jiangsu Enterprises with Foreign-capital High-tech Industry”(2007)
11.Participate in Jiangsu soft science project“Measurements of Self-owned Technology Ingredients and Analysis of the Present Condition for High-tech Industries in Jiangsu”(2007)
12.Participate in provincial project of the first national economic census of Jiangsu Province “Comprehensive Study on Joint Development of Regional Economy of Jiangsu” (2006)    
【Honors and Awards】
1.Third Award of the 10th National Statistic Research Excellent Achievements, 2010
2.Second Award of the 9th National Statistic Research Excellent Achievements,2008
3.Second Award of the 8th National Statistic Research Excellent Achievements,2006
4.Second Award of Soft Science Achievements of Jiangsu Province,2005
5.Second Award of the 7th National Statistic Research Excellent Achievements,2004

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