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PhD supervisor
Master Supervisor
Associate Professor
Yao HongXing
Date:2018-06-13  View:

Title: Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
ADDRESS:School of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang 212013, P. R. China
PHONE:+86 511 88792098
【Research Field】
1. Analysis &Control of Complex System;
2. Analysis &Control of Complex Economic System
【Income Honor】
1.Outstanding Teacher by China Machinery Ministry, 1994
2.Backbone Young Teachers of Jiangsu University, 1994, 1999
3.First Batch of Academic Leaders of 333 Program of Jiangsu Province
4.Six Talents Peak of Jiangsu Province
1.Technological University innovation in talents and practice with three classes, two additions and an interaction, The First Prize of The Teaching Achievement in Jiangsu Province, 2011
2.Award of Excellence of Young Teachers presented by the Mechanical Affairs, 1994
3.Special Award of Teaching Achievement of Jiangsu University in the revolution of math education and the innovation in talents cultivation of the new century, 2009
【Research Projects】
Finished Projects:
1.National natural science fund: Research on Systematic Paradigm And Delay Pulse Financial Investment Evolution Balanced Model (70871056) (Project Leader)
2.Six Talents Peak of Jiangsu Province in 2011: Research On the Complex Market Behaviors and Conflict of Financial Capital (Project Leader)
3.National Postdoctoral Fund in 2003:Research On Controlling Methods For Financial Chaos (Project Leader)
4.Provincial Postdoctoral Fund:Analysis On The Complexity of Financial System and Predictive Controlling Methods (20021217) (Project Leader)
5.Provincial Educational Affairs Social Science Fund: Research On Relationships Between The Growth of Financial Chaos And Economics (03SJB630002)(Project Leader)
6.Provincial Educational Affairs Natural Science Fund:The Prediction And Controlling On The Dynamical System of Financial Chaos (03KJD110070)(Project Leader)
【Major Works】
1. Yao H.X., Wu C.Y., Jiang D.P., Ding J. Chaos control in an investment model with straight-line stabilization method[J]. Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 2008(2): 651-662(indexed in SCI EI)
2. HongXing Yao, JiaYan Zhou. Qualitative analysis for a cellular neural network[J]. Chinese Physics B, 2011(1): 1-13(indexed in SCI)
3.Qiuxiang Bian, Hongxing Yao. Synchronization of Nonlinear Coupling Multiple Side Empowerment Complex Network [J].Acta Physica Sinica, 2010(5):3027-3035 (indexed in SCI)
4. Hongxing Yao, Nana Wang. Analysis On The Stability of The Enterprise Competition Dynamic System Model With Time-lag, 2010(2):245-248(indexed in EI)
5. Hongxing Yao, Xia Li. Analysis On The Stability of An Advertising Pulse [J]. Academic Journal of Jiangsu University (Nature Page) 2009(1):100-103 (indexed in EI)
6. Juan Ding, Weiguo Yang, Hongxing Yao, The Delayed Feed Back Controlling of A Certain Type of Products System. 2009(1):104-108 (indexed in EI)
7. Hongxing Yao, Nana Wang, The Analysis On The Stability of Real Estate Investment Risk With Time-lag[J].Statistics and Decision 2010(11):41-43(indexed in CSSCI)
8. Hongxing Yao, Jiayin Wang.The Dual Economic Endogenous Growth Model With Capital Transfer[J].Statistics and Decision2010(5):9-11(indexed in CSSCI)
9. Yaohua Li, Hongxing Yao, The Analysis on Stability of The Stock Network[J]. WuhanUniversityofTechnology (Information Management And Engineering Page) 2009(6):965-968
10.Hongxing Yao, Jingtian Wang, The Asymptotic Stability of A Class of Fourth Order Delay Differential Equation[J].Academic Journal of jiangsu University (Nature Page),2010(5):616-620(indexed in EI)
11. Hongxing Yao, Qing Zhu.The Stability of A Class of Third Order Impulsive Differential System[J].Academic Journal of jiangsu University (Nature Page),2009(3):321-324(indexed in EI)
12. Yaohua Li, Hongxing Yao. The Structure characteristics research of Stock Network During Financial Crisis[J]. Journal of Cheng Du University of Information Technology 2010(1):107-111
13. Wenjing Sun, Hongxing Yao.The Analysis On The Risk Investment More Stage Investment [J]. Journal of Cheng Du University of Information Technology 2009(1):99-103
14.Jiayin Wang, Hongxing Yao.The Dynamical Analysis On The Economical Growth Model Under The Capital Investment [J]. Journal of Cheng Du University of Information Technology2009(6):623-625
15. Juan Ding, Qiang Mei, Hongxing Yao. Dynamics and adaptive control of a Duopoly advertising model based on heterogeneous expectations[J].Nonliner Dynamics,2012 67(1):129-138 (indexed in EI SCI)
16. Hongxing Yao, Kai Liu. The dynamic analysis of investment system with two time delays[J]. International Journal of Computer Science & Emerging Technologies. 2010(4)
17. Hongxing Yao, JiaXiu Zu. Analysis of a Cournot Duopoly Models Stability[J]. International Journal ofComputer Science & Emerging Technologies. 2010(4)
18. Hongxing Yao, Jian Tang. Global Exponential Stability of Cellular Neural Network with Mixed Discreteand Distributed Delays[J]. International Journal of Computer Science & Emerging Technologies. 2010(3)
19. Yaohua Li, Hongxing Yao. The World Stock Market Based on the Complex Networks[J]. The 2ndInternational Workshop on Computer Science and Engineering,2009 (indexed in ISTP)
20. Hongxing Yao, Jingtang Wang. Globally Asymptotic Stability of a Kind of Third-Order Delay

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