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The impact on development of big data symposium held

School of Finance and Economics and Jiangsu statistical scientific research base held a symposium on ¡°the impact on development of big data¡± on October 13£¬2016. The symposium invited the well-known scholar Dr. Ma Lan of Rider University as a keynote speaker. Many Statistical major and other majorteachers and students interested in big data attended the meeting. Professor Zhao Xicang, the leader of Statistics of Jiangsu University of science and technology held the symposium.
At the symposium, Dr. Ma Lan described the form and environment of the big data, the purpose of the use of the big data and analyzed the changes of the big data combined with their own research field and introduced the foreign studies of big data. Dr. Ma Lan thought we should hold a scientific attitude in the face of big data trend, today's data acquisition and fundamental changes have taken place in the scale, statistics is facing new opportunities and challenges and needs a breakthrough in methodology.

Participants discussed many hot issues. In the process of communication, teachers and students broaden their horizons and learn more about the prospects of big data and statistics.

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