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Distinguishing Teaching Project

Distinguishing teaching project for International Education
¡°Teaching domestic and foreign students under one roof ¡± of IET department

¡¡¡¡Background of the Project
¡¡¡¡International economics and trade is a typical external-oriented specialty, which requires comprehensive application of foreign languages and high adaptability to various foreign environments. Meanwhile, this specialty is generally one of those majors which are regarded as pioneers in the internationalization of education. At present, the project of foreign student¡¯s education in this field has already been started formally, with recruitment and cultivation steadily advancing. In view of increasing the utilization efficiency of educational resources and improving the quality of education, promoting close-distanced and high-frequency all-round exchange and mutual development of both domestic and foreign students, The project ¡°teaching domestic and foreign students under one roof ¡± in the major of International Economics and Trade is launched as one kind of beneficial reforming attempt. It is not only an effective approach to achieve a profound integration of ¡°going out¡± and ¡°bring in¡± under the tendency of open running university, but also an important measure to enhance the special features of education.
¡¡¡¡Foundation of the Project
¡¡¡¡The major of international economics and trade has formally undertaking the education of foreign students since 2010 and formulate the relatively systematic educational plan and outline of course-teaching implementation. Some basic special courses have been offered to foreign students in school. In addition, the beginning of developing the activities of bilingual education in our major is relatively early and we have applied the way of bilingual education to seven courses all the year round at present. To reinforce the guarantee of teachers and funds of this project development, we are actively accelerating the English training of during working period to the main teachers of existing courses besides strengthening bring in returnees and encourage our teachers to go abroad for further study.
¡¡¡¡In addition, the overwhelming majority of the Chinese students who are learning in this field have a good basis of foreign language, a thick potential of development and the opening degree of their thinking is relatively high, quite a few of the students have the idea of go abroad for the further educational pursuit, so the establishment of this project can also lay a good foundation for Chinese students of study overseas later.
¡¡¡¡Guarantee Measures of the project
¡¡¡¡Both the subject belonging to the project executive unit and relevant supporting subjects have a fine educational foundation. They have the postgraduate education (three majors), professional postgraduate education (three majors), two provincial characteristic majors and several provincial nonesuch courses. A comparatively excellent teaching team has been created, especially a number of young teachers who gained the Doctor¡¯s degree of Economics and Management have fairly good English skills and grow up rapidly. The institute has an independent economics and management data section, subscribes to many kinds of periodicals, documents and databases both in Chinese and foreign languages. It also has an independent experimental centre and plenty of off-campus practical bases and so on. Those basis and conditions of running the school above-mentioned provide a powerful support to ensure the quality of this project.
¡¡¡¡Implementation of the project
¡¡¡¡Ps.: The first batch of courses for the project¡°teaching Chinese and foreign students under one roof¡±are as follows

No. School Name of Course Term Credit Total Hours Theory Hours Practice Hours
B0200 SFE Microeconomics 2 4 60 60
B0300 SFE Macroeconomics 3 4 60 60
B0400 SFE Theory of international trade 4 5 75 60 15
B0500 SFE Practice of international trade 5 5 75 60 15
B0600 SFE Accounting 3 5 75 60 15
B0700 SFE Business Statistics 4 4 60 60
B0800 SFE International Finance 4 4 60 60
B0900 SFE Money & banking 5 5 75 75
B1000 SFE International Marketing 6 5 75 60 15
C1700 SFE International business planning 7 4 60 45 15
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