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PhD Programs in Finance & Economics

  Admission Requirements
  The School of Finance & Economics offers graduate programs to students pursuing a PhD in economic system analysis and management. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the student's ability to be engaged in the academic studies of economic system and economic management. To begin the PhD Degree in economic system analysis and management, the students must:
  1. Meet the university admission requirements.
  2. Have earned a master degree in economics or in a related major.
  Degree Requirements
  The PhD of Finance & Economics is based on successful completion of a minimum of 15 graduate credits following an approved program plan. The research proposal, thesis and oral examination in defense of the thesis are required.
  Thesis Research
  The thesis based on research conducted in residence at Jiangsu University under the direction of a graduate faculty member in the school is required. During the first academic semester, the student must select a faculty member to serve as her/his research adviser, prepare a program plan and define a research topic with the assistance of the adviser. The student then progressively continues through the stages of research proposal, research on projects and oral examination in thesis defense.
  Research Field
  1. Strategic management of regional economic development
  This research field has developed and formed many characteristic research directions such as research on the analysis and evaluation and the strategies of regional socio-economic system, research on the analysis and evaluation and the strategies of regional foreign investment, research on the analysis and the evaluation of the effectiveness of regional scientific planning project. In recent years, we have taken up such high-level projects as the National Social Sciences Fund Project, the project supported by National Science and Technology Ministry, the project supported by National Ministry of Education. We have published more than 100 academic papers.
  2. Analysis and management of industrial economy
  This research field regards the industry as a system and also conducts research on it in the whole economic system so as to explore the development laws of the industrial economy and study the problems of the modernization of the industrial technology and the industrial management. It is of great significance to establish strategies for the development of China¨s industrial economy, to change the modes of economic growth and to improve the industrial competitiveness. In recent years, we have carried out further research on the heated issues existing in the industrial economy, accumulated some achievements and formed our own characteristics. Besides, we have been awarded six provincial, ministerial and city hall class prizes.
  3. Design and control of financial system
  As for this research field, we are mainly engaged in the theory research on financial system and the corresponding application analysis of its design. By applying the theories and methods of accounting, finance, finance management and the system analysis and control, we are aimed at constructing the system of financial analysis and control. The problems on which we conduct the research have the important application background and theoretical value. In the field, there has formed a comparatively stable research group with more than 20 members, among which two key academic members have been abroad for further studies and the related leaders are also the member of Council of China Accounting Society or the member of the British Accounting Association. In recent years, the subject research group has accomplished more than 10 subjects for various kinds and published over 100 academic papers. At present, the group has been dealing with 4 provincial and ministerial projects, 13 city hall class projects and the enterprises¨ horizontal projects. Therefore, a multitude of research experience has been accumulated.

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