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Master Programs in Finance & Economics

  Admission Requirements
  The School of Finance & Economics offers graduate programs to students pursuing a Master¨s degree in finance and economics. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the student's ability to be engaged in the scientific studies of international goods trade and service trade and the related international trade policies. To begin the Master Degree in Finance and Economics, the students must:
  1. Meet the university admission requirements.
  2. Have earned a bachelor degree in economics or in a related major.
  Degree Requirements
  The Master¨s Degree of Finance & Economics is based on successful completion of a minimum of 30 graduate credits following an approved program plan. The research proposal, thesis and oral examination in defense of the thesis are required.
  Thesis Research
  The thesis based on research conducted in residence at Jiangsu University under the direction of a graduate faculty member in the school is required. During the first academic semester, the student must select a faculty member to serve as her/his research adviser, prepare a program plan and define a research topic with the assistance of the adviser. The student then progressively continues through the stages of research proposal, research on projects and oral examination in thesis defense.
  Research Field
  1. International Investment and Technological Cooperation
  The research field is based on the practice of China¨s economic reform and openness. It firstly deals with the roles that the factors of production like the technology, the capital and the labor have played in our China¨s technological progress and regional development. It aims to explore the development strategies and management mechanisms under our China¨s open economic context that help us to make effective use of resources at home and abroad and to improve our economic competitiveness. And this field also studies the theories and policies of international investment and international technological transfers and our countermeasures.
  2. International Trade Theory, Policy and Practice
  The field is mainly engaged in the comprehensive research and exploration regarding the related international trade theories and policies, WTO, international business and the like. It generally includes tariffs and non-tariff barriers, export incentive policies and the corresponding effects, reforms of foreign trade system, international marketing, the research and application of new trade modes, the features of international business activities, the differences of business behaviors among various countries and so on.
  3. International Enterprise Management
  The research field starts with the main features and laws of multinational corporation strategic development. Then it takes advantage of business concepts of foreign multinational corporations. Especially, it uses the theory of information chain, the theory of value chain, the enterprise ethics, business process reengineering and the customer relations to study the strategic evolution laws, the routes of strategic reorganization. Besides, this field also explores the effective strategies for our China¨s enterprises to participate international economic activities and multinational operations.
  4. International Taxation
  This field mainly studies the competition of international taxation, the related problems among different domestic economic zones and the taxation coordination. The detailed analysis is demonstrated in the middle-level. The field discusses the influences of the competition existing in tariffs, the turnover tax and the income tax on economy and how to effectively coordinate the taxation problems.
  Each student follows an individual program plan. The program plan must have a minimum of 30 credits, which include the required common courses (12 credits), the basic core medical courses (at least 6 credits), and the elective courses to meet their research fields (at least 4 credits), credits of thesis (2 credits) and credits of seminar (2 credits).

  Required Common Courses Credits

Course Credit Course Credit
Overview of China 3 Chinese 6

  Basic Core Courses

Course Credit Course Credit
Mathematic Statistics 2 Intermediate Economics 2
Econometric Model 2 Contemporary International Economics 2
Operations Research II 2 Advanced Management 2

  Elective Professional Courses

Course Credit Course Credit
International Trade Theory and Policy 2 International Finance Research 2
International Investments 2 International Economic & Technological Cooperation 2
International Enterprise Management 2 WTO and China¨s Foreign Trade 2
Contemporary International Business Research 2 Industry Economics Research 2
Regional Economics 2 Economics of Development 2
International Marketing Research (English) 2 International Service Trade 2
International Taxation Research 2 Multivariate statistical analysis 2
System Dynamics 2 Lectures on Frontier Academics 2

  In order to complete the Master¨s program, students must attend this program for 3 years and complete necessary research.
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