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Curriculum Schedule for the IET Program

  Duration of Study
  The study of International Economics and Trade (IET) program lasts 4 years in all and is composed of four type course.
  The Key Courses
  The key courses which will be instructed in the 4 years include:

Principles of Management International finance
Microeconomics Theory of international trade
Macroeconomics Practice of international trade
Accounting International marketing
Statistics World economy
Money & banking Commodity studies of foreign trade
Econometrics Multinational management
International technology trade International business negotiation

  This program aims at the cultivation of advancedspecialized and interdisciplinary talents for doing business and management in foreign economic & trade sectors and multinational companies and for doing research on teaching in teaching & research institutions. Graduates will have a good mastery of the fundamentals of economics, basic theories and practice of international trade, the development of modern international economics & trade, the social, economic, and cultural conditions of major trading partnersand the present status of modern science & technology and future trends with proficiency in English. Graduates will be familiar with the prevailing rules and practices of international trade as well as China¨s foreign economic & trade policies and regulations.
  Abide by the relevant policies and decrees formulated by the Chinese government, and the rules and regulations of Jiangsu University (JU).
  Study hard and have good moral character. Respect the teaching staff and Chinese traditions and customs.
  Develop scientific attitude in research and study and stress the combination of theory and practice. Have a good command of basic theories and systematic knowledge in the field of International Economics & Trade.
  Be in good health condition.

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